Hollow Rods:

Supply is per meterage required according to the spring diameter. Production lengths are 340 mm with a minimum diameter of 25 mm and lengths of 500 mm with a minimum diameter of 32 mm. We can deliver rods of 1000 mm length with a minimum diameter of 50 mm

Round Rods:

Supplied according to the outside spring diameter and without additional mould setup cost. If special sizes are required, the direct mould set-up cost incurred by us will be charged to the customer.

Profile Rods:

Production as according to diameters attached, dependent on specifications or drawings supplied by customer. We can use existing moulds provided by the customer of offer to produce these at low price.

Mould components:

Construction according to specifications or customer supplied drawings. Constructed moulds can be stored by us for future use. We can produce moulds at low price.


Plates made of Adiprene can be supplied to practically any specifications. Singular elements can be linked homogeneously. Plates made of Vulkollan are supplied up to 1000 mm width, 2800 mm length and approximately 100 mm height.


Foils can only be supplied according to the construction sizes an up to the specified thickness as listed below.

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